Know Your True Enemy 

Morning Devotion: Understand your opponent. The key to continual victory is understanding your true enemy. 

People are not the enemy, though there are people who cooperate with the devil to accomplish his will on earth. He requires human agreement. 

People say Eve was gullible and that’s why the serpent chose to go to her first. I disagree. Eve was given the same mandate as Adam; fill and subdue the earth, have dominion (Genesis 1). She had authority. God did not say, “Adam have dominion, Eve go pick berries, clean the Garden, do whatever Adam tells you to do.” God said to both of them to have domion. 

God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”~Genesis 1:28. Notice He said, “Them” plural. 

Dominion Definition: sovereignty; control, authority, mastery, power, rule, government. 

The serpent did not need to deceive Adam. Scripture says Adam was with Eve when she ate from the tree (Genesis 3:6). Adam knowingly betrayed God, committed treason, and then blamed Eve. Why not go for the one who will knowingly betray God? 

Eve represented a part of what the devil hates; life, relationship. She was bone of Adam’s bone, flesh of his flesh. He would cleave to her. They would together enter into the first covenant between humans. They would together be fruitful and multiply, fill and subdue the earth, and have dominion together (Genesis 1). 

God had given them (Adam and Eve) a mandate that would continually crush the head of the serpent. They would together fill the earth with the glory of God and create more humans to worship God. 

The devil abhors the true worship of God. 

If you turn them against each other, it is the perfect set up for chaos, disorder, and dysfunction. Adam blamed Eve, and today women are one of the most persecuted people groups. It is challenging to see in America-though we have stats that show the validity of an issue. If you look to other parts of the world, you can see horrific abuse of women. 

If the one chosen to carry life (Eve) is turned on by the one chosen to protect life (Adam) you can destroy civilization. When a woman is pregnant she carries two lives, and one is quite vulnerable (baby). The mother is also going through some challenges as her body is changing to carry a life. God seeks to protect life. Satan desires to steal, kill, and destroy lives. 

Knowing your opponent…

Lucifer (the devil) is not God’s equal, he is far below God. He is a created being who turned evil due to pride (Isaiah 14:12-14). He had the ability to choose, just as we do. He was not created evil. 

He is to be under the feet of the born again believer. So no glory to him. He is a defeated, losing loser. Yet he is still deceiving the world, turning allies into enemies, trying to hijack identity, and use human authority. 

There are women today who are still living under the curse of Eve; stripped of Godly authority, feeling shamed, gullible, less than, and naive. Women who have been silenced or their voices condemned because of the actions of one woman. Jesus nailed the sins of Eve to the cross and took on every curse to restore what was lost in the Garden. Women believers are redeemed, joint heirs with Jesus, empowered, and have the same access to God as their male counterparts. 

There are men today who are still living under the curse Adam; stripped of Godly authority, betraying God and looking after their own interests. Men who have had Godly masculinity replaced with with worldly masculinity, pride, lust, and ego. Jesus nailed the sins of Adam to the cross and took on every curse to restore what was lost in the Garden. Men believers are redeemed, and can walk in the same character traits of Jesus through abiding and intimacy with God (John 15:4-5). 

It is a good time for men and women to be restored to Godly identity pre the fall, to work as allies, and see the fulfillment of God’s mandate on earth. No us vs. them. It’s team Jesus; unified allies representing God in the earth. Each created in the unique expression of God. Each uniquely and passionately loved. Each redeemed through the blood of Jesus. 

Let’s end with a look at the nature of our true enemy, the fallen angel Lucifer-also known as the devil. 

He is: 

  • A liar 
  • A deceiver 
  • A murderer 
  • A control freak 
  • A pervert (twisting God’s trust and will) 
  • A divider (he loves division) 
  • A manipulator 
  • An imitator (he takes what God has created and perverts it into something unintended or wrong) 
  • A coward 
  • A user and abuser 
  • A destroyer 
  • A thief 
  • A blasphemer 
  • An accuser 
  • An instigator
  • A bully 

He is: 

  • Full of pride, self exaltation
  • Full of ego 
  • Full of selfishness (he would be considered a narcissist or sociopath) 
  • Full of jealousy and envy 
  • Full of hatred (there is no love in him) 
  • Full of lust/immorality/lawlessness/sexual perversion
  • Full of deceit (he is the Father of lies) 
  • Full of desire to dominate, force his will on people 
  • Full of fear  
  • Full of anger and rage
  • Full of offense 
  • Full of criticism  

He hates: 

  • God 
  • Humans 
  • Women (targets women/motherhood/identity/authority/purity)
  • Men (targets men to lead them to surrender their Godly masculinity/authority to lust, anger, selfishness, pride, independence from God and others) 
  • Life
  • Unity 
  • Relationship/community 
  • Purity 
  • Hope
  • Encouragement
  • Godly prayer/intercession 
  • Holiness 
  • Humility 
  • Love 
  • Godly covenant
  • Holy sex (inside covenant between a natural born man and woman)  
  • Family 
  • The True Body of Christ 
  • True disciples of Jesus 
  • Intimacy with God 
  • Worship of God 
  • Exaltation of Jesus 

He lacks: 

  • Genuine compassion
  • Agape love (unselfish, sacrificial, unselfish love) 

He enjoys: 

  • Starting fights/strife
  • Death
  • Religious activities void of the power and love of God 
  • Perversion
  • Sexual sin 
  • Oppression 
  • Stealing joy, hope from people 
  • Doing bad things and watching people blame God or each other 
  • Activity not birthed from intimacy with God 
  • Insecurity 
  • Guilt, shame 
  • Rejection 
  • Torment 
  • Affliction 
  • Embarrassing people/humiliation 
  • Using people 
  • Depression 
  • Poverty/lack 

God is 100% good. We see the true nature of the Father in His Son Jesus. God is love. He is for humanity. May you and I know our true enemy. May we walk in the Spirit and be allies with other believers. May our identities be restored to their pre-fall state. May we rise up in our God given authority and stand with God for holy dominion and expanse of His Kingdom on earth. 


Sacred Sex Series Intro

This new series is about physical intimacy; sex. It is a spin off of the Relationship Series. 

Run away from sexual immorality [in any form, whether thought or behavior, whether visual or written]. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the one who is sexually immoral sins against his own body,~1 Corinthians 6:18 (Amplified). 

Our culture is super saturated with messages about sex that is leaving us multitudes of the sexually broken and confused. 

Why this series? What can I bring to the table? Well, I am trained in deep inner healing and caring for the wounded soul (mind, will, emotions) and spirit. 

In meeting with people and walking them through the healing process you get to see the aftermath of choosing a way that is outside God’s boundaries. I have seen what sexual sin does to the soul and spirit of a person. 

I’ve watched people I deeply love have their lives turned upside down because they chose their way over God’s. 

I’ve seen the blessings of doing things God’s way, even when people say you are crazy for pursuing purity. 

I’ve seen how God restores, heals, mends the sexually broken. There’s always hope in Jesus. 

If I can prevent one person from wounding their soul or the soul of another, it is worth writing this series. If I can walk one person into freedom, it is worth writing this series. I hope to give you tools to walk in purity, tools for mending the broken or wounded soul/spirit, and courage to stand when your flesh is crying out, “Cave in!” 

I hope to give you information from the word of God and His view on sex. Why on earth did God design us the way He did? 

Part of my ministry is focused on intimacy with God. I hope to dive into God’s orginal design for intimacy between human beings.

God is not timid, bashful, afraid, or ashamed of sex (it was His idea). He is also not out to shame us, harm us, or hurt us. God loves us. God loves what He created. God blesses sex between a natural born man and natural born woman in covenant (life time committed love/relationship). We will talk about covenants later. 

So let’s get started…

I grew up being told not to have sex before marriage. There was little explanation as to why I shouldn’t have sex outside marriage. Maybe people were unaware of the impact sex has on the soul and spirit of a person. 

I watched young boys be told, “Men will be men. We cannot expect purity out of them, but you girls better behave.” I am a logic driven person. So these statements made no sense. Who exactly were these boys going to be practicing being “men” on…someone’s daughter. 

Having sex, btw, does not make a man a man. Being a male is something God gives through the DNA. The chromosomes of men read XY, male. Yes there is growing from being a boy into a man, yet scripture never links manhood to sex. If it did, Jesus would not be considered a man. He did not have sex with anyone. We read of Godly manhood linked to being responsible, full of integrity, humble, dependent on God, compassionate, walking in selfless love, honoring and empowering women, laying your life down, purity, caring for the weak, honesty, etc…Jesus modeled perfect masculinity. 

I watched girls in my middle school, high school, and college be shamed for their choices to engage in sex, while boys were celebrated, “Atta boy! He’s man now.

Women were shamed for desiring physical intimacy and men were celebrated! It sent a message to women, “Desiring physical intimacy makes you dirty, unclean, unholy.” No wonder some Christian women report not enjoying intimacy with their husbands and shame over their desires or past. 

Culture tells men, “Take, take, take from women. Commitment makes you weak. Engage in whatever makes you feel good. She was created for your pleasure. It is all about you. You are the man.” Our culture promotes selfishness which is sin. Love is not selfish. 

I have listened to men around me over the years sexualize women (“women are good for one thing…ha ha, man grunt“), promote manhood as being promiscuous, and view sex as the most important thing in the world. 

I’ve been on the receiving end of sexual harassment, men commenting on my body parts, approaching me in ungodly ways based on their lust or passions. I have been bombarded by images of women idealized based on their bodies or measurements. 

I dress modestly, yet that does not prevent the occasional man from ogling me like a bacon sandwich or following me around to stare at me. When called out on their behavior, I have been told, “Men can not help themselves. We are visual.” So I am blamed for their lack of self control. I wear clothes that completely cover and it still does not help. 

Lust is a spirit and heart condition. It is not the natural wiring of man or woman. Adam did not lust after Eve. Eve did not lust after Adam. They knew love (we will talk about lust later). 

I’ve also seen Christian men run from women they found attractive. “I dont want to sin, run Forrest run!” This behavior has left some Christian women feeling deeply rejected. They are pursued by nonbelievers and avoided by men who claim to love Jesus. “Get away from me Jezebel! You temptress!!!” God told us to live out of love, not fear and suspicion. Every attractive woman is not out to seduce every man and vice versa. We use wisdom, not fear. Also natural sexual attraction is not lust. Lust seeks to take and devour for its own pleasures. 

I’ve been ridiculed for choosing God’s way or agreeing with Him about sex or purity. I have had guys bypass me because I refused sex outside marriage (yes, they claimed to be Christians). I have heard the statements, “Times have changed. That’s old fashioned.” 

God has not changed the boundaries He established because the consequences are the same. He is not double minded. Living outside His boundaries leads to brokeness. 

So, I hope this series gives you honest things to ponder. I hope it inspires you to investigate God’s original design. I hope you ask questions and see God’s viewpoint of sex. It was His idea. 

I hope your heart and mind grow to know God more. Placing God at the center of everything is a sure way to find blessings! I pray healing takes place. 

Until next time, here are some resources for you and I will close us in prayer. 

Moral Revolution Website: Moral Revolution

Moral Revolution Book: Moral Revolution Book

The Wait by DeVon Franklin: The Wait BookThe Wait (Amazon)

You can also find Moral Revolution and DeVon Franklin on Instgram. 

Papa God thank You for Your original design. Thank You for all of creation. You are beyond genius. I pray every person reading this series has an encounter with Your Holy Spirit. I ask all shame, guilt, and condemnation be laid before You. For those struggling with purity, I ask for increased awareness of Your love and sustaining power. 

Purity is more than refraining from sexual activity. It is the status of the heart. Any impure motives in our hearts, I ask they are cleansed. Any selfishness in our hearts, please cleanse. Any unholy images or memories, be cleansed by the power of Jesus. 

Help us to live with Your eyes and heart, viewing people the way You do. Help us to view physical intimacy the way You do. I speak healing and wholeness to each soul. I ask for a cleansing of the heart and mind, in Jesus powerful name. Amen. 

Love in Christ, 

Erin Lamb 

A Note on Covenant (Marriage)

Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God all all His righteousness…

Our country has been in an uproar over the marriage amendment. There are those demanding that marriage be defined the way God does, only 1 man and 1 woman. It is true this is the only covenant of marriage between human beings that God honors, that heaven honors. He made the guidelines. I did not. In the Garden of Eden He created them male and female (Genesis 1:27). They together complement each other. They together become one. They together represent God. Adam alone, man alone, does not represent the full characteristics and nature of God. He and she (Eve) together show us His nature. In His image He created them. 

Over the years I’ve seen marriage be elevated above the covenant with God. Adam and Eve had God before each other. The first Being Eve saw wasn’t Adam. It was God. Then God presented Eve to Adam. Adam had relationship with God before He ever knew Eve. Human relationships were never intended to replace God. Never, ever. 

If you read the Bible, especially Romans 1 you will see man’s greatest downfall is worshipping the created over the Creator. It is idolatry. Whenever we love someone or something more than God it leads to destruction. Our world has often elevated the husband wife relationship and human family above covenant with God, His Kingdom family, and pursuing Him. 

Singles scream, “If I could only get married then I’d be happy and complete.” 

Married couples say, “If only my spouse did this or were more like this, then I’d be happy and complete.” 

I will tell you a secret….

Only God can completely fill and satisfy the heart.❤️ 

Only God brings everlasting JOY! 

Only God is perfect!

Only God is intended to be worshipped. All idols demonize and destroy.

Only God can satisfy the deepest longings of the heart and spirit. 

Only God deserves highest priority in our lives, God first…

May we seek God, believe God, receive love from God, soak in His Presence, put Him first, get to know Him, deepen/cultivate friendship with God, and treat the covenant with Him as more important than a marriage covenant. 💍

In a healthy marriage we don’t just show up once a week for an hour or so nor do we treat our spouse like it’s their job to serve us or cater to our demands. We don’t read books about our spouse and refuse to do life with them. We don’t have other lovers, nor do we live a life displeasing to our vows. We pursue our spouse to love ♥️💯, honor, respect them, be with them, connect with them, & experience life together. God deserves more than an earthly spouse. His covenant is eternal and He loves more than a spouse ever could. 

May you and I seek first God and His Kingdom. If He’s first, He gives us the love, strength, joy, energy to love our families. 

Bless you! 

Erin Lamb