If Jesus Took On Flesh Today!

If Jesus took on flesh today…

Jesus had no outward beauty to draw people to Him, I wonder if He walked into our services today if we would greet Him.

A middle eastern Jew, with brown skin, a carpenter’s son-would we include Him?

Humble, not ego driven, the one who would choose to wash feet instead of push His way to a platform-would we even notice Him?

Loving, honoring, and respectful of all people-would we try to persuade Him to love who we love and dislike who we dislike?

Interested in the least of these, the poor, the outcast, sinners/prostitutes/tax collectors, would we join their table or insist He leave them to join ours?

Non political, focused on representing heaven on earth/the Father’s will, would we try to convince Him to join our political party and campaign for our rights?

Unmarried and without a girlfriend, would He be banned from ministering in our churches or restricted to the least amount of responsibility in leadership? Would He be consistently pressured into finding a mate or allowed to be who the Father created Him to be?

Insistent on loving His enemies, would we join Him in His quest to build bridges instead of cliques?

Moved by the tears of the broken, would we lay down our pride and selfishness to sit with the broken?

Deeply moved with compassion to heal the sick, would we put aside the miracles are a side show to simply love the person right in front of us?

Taking the Gospel to those in need, would we join Jesus or simply watch from the sidelines or encourage Him to do everything?

Moved by the heart of the Father He would rally others to do the same. Would we join Jesus or tell Him, “I am not called to do that? Give me the assignment where I am most comfortable?”

Would we join Jesus or deny Jesus?

Would we follow Jesus or just be a fan of Jesus?

Would we cast aside our selfish ambition to truly be a disciple who begins to look like Jesus?

Would we change the world with Jesus or simply pray Jesus do something?

It is one thing to profess love for Jesus, it is quite another lay down our lives for Jesus.

Would Jesus be Lord, or an ala cart add on to enhance our lives yet cost us nothing?

Would we be willing to follow the loving King or simply remain in the stadiums cheering with our “I love Jesus” merch?

Are we spectators or lovers?

Sold out or only in it for fire insurance?

In love or in like with Jesus?

Love will cause us to lay our pride and selfishness aside to look out for our neighbor, the least, last, lost, broken.

Love will call us out of our comfort zones and onto the frontlines with Jesus.

Love will mend us over and over when the attacks of darkness seem relentless.

Love will propel us into a glorious heaven centered destiny where His name, the name above all names is glorified.

Love dissolves our prejudice and man made boundary lines.

Love destroys hatred, bigotry, and sexism and loudly proclaims, “In Christ all are one.” One Body, one church, one Lord!

Love pushes past political lines to say, “You too are made in the image of God.”

Love pushes past “Me first” and lives for “God first! God be glorified!!”

Love breaks the shackles of “Us vs Them,” and builds a table prepared with a feast to say, “The King loves you. I will treat you with dignity. Come to Jesus.”

Love seeks to reconcile the world to itself.

Love is not a concept, not a noun but a verb.

Love has a name. It’s Jesus!

May we seek Jesus, know Jesus, abide in Jesus, focus on Jesus, exalt Jesus, and align with the heart of Jesus.

Painting: Jewish Jesus of Nazareth (Source Pinterest)


Erin Lamb

Beautiful Woman (poem)

Beautiful Woman
By Erin Lamb
May 29, 2012

Beautiful woman,
you are the epitome of creativity;
filled with grace
and showered with honor.
You are the workmanship of God.
The Creator of the heavens and the earth thought that you were a terrific idea.
He breathed life into His thoughts
and there you were.
He carved you out of beauty
and placed treasures in your heart.
Into you He placed wisdom, courage, and an intense bond with His heart.
You are His priceless possession.
Beautiful woman,
there is only one you.
There is no one on the earth that can do exactly what you can do.
What great joy!
What great elation!
He had to place His fingerprints on you.
So when He shines through you,
the world can see how brilliant and wonderful His work of art could be.
You are not to be hidden,
or abused.
You are to be celebrated,
and treated like a queen.
Lift your lowered head up high!
You are God’s beloved.
You are His Bride.
You are clothed in righteousness,
bathed in His love.
The fragrance of your beauty
is sent from above.
You are not less than, you are more than
you have ever considered yourself to be.
You were worth dying for.
You have a divine destiny.
Beautiful woman,
you have value.
You have worth.
You stand apart as a bright shining star
who is deeply loved.
There is not a place God would rather be
than in your presence
meeting your deepest needs.
You are His love.
You are His delight.
You are His beauty
and you shine so bright.
Beautiful woman,
there are treasures in heaven being stored up for you!
Won’t you dance under the covering of His love,
He has the best plans for you.
No one can take your gifts.
No circumstance can cause you to be displaced.
He will not be delayed,
nor His promises denied.
His promises for you
have been sealed in His heart,
etched onto the corridors of His dwelling and they will not be ignored.
Your desires are held there
being watered by love.
He cannot forget you.
You are His most precious one.
Beautiful woman,
bask in your beauty.
Hold your head up high
for you are a daughter of the King.
Live confidently, courageously, and boldly!
With Him you can accomplish anything.
Beautiful woman,
He longs to give you beauty for ashes,
joy for your sorrow,
and healing for your pain.
He longs to drape you in His riches
and trade your past for His marvelous plan.
He longs for your heart to know that no one can love you the way He can.

“Abba I ask for every woman that reads this poem to have a deeper revelation of Your love. To know the height, the width, the depth of it! May she hold her head up high not out of arrogance, but confidence in the fact that you don’t make junk. You make all things beautiful. I ask that you would remove any lie that tells her she is less than, inferior, timid, without hope, powerless, without beauty, and without purpose. She is here to shine brightly for you. Remove any comparison, jealousy, envy, self deprecation, and restore identities to be what you intended them to be.

We are women who are cherished by You! We are women who are deeply loved by You. We are not loved because of what we do or fail to do; by what we have or don’t have. We are loved because of who we are, the objects of Your affection. You made us beautiful and You call us loved. We are to be celebrated and honored. We are Your beloved. Bring freedom. Bring hope. Bring joy! Bring revelation of purpose. And most of all, keep us in the center of Your heart. In Jesus precious name, Amen.”

Dearly Beloved (Poem)

Dearly Beloved
Love letter from Abba
Written August 29, 2010

By Erin Lamb

Dearly beloved.
I am here,
in your place of waiting,
where uncertainty,
can crowd out your peace.
It is I,
Who holds you together,
My love gathering every piece.
Every piece of joy, of hope,
of your sought after dreams.
It is I Who will knit them together,
initiating change,
and cultivating creativity.
Dearly beloved,
it is your heart I long to hold tenderly.
My heart is aching,
for you to know that I will be near,
I will be here,
I will not let you go.
I long to dream with you,
set your inspiring dreams to flight,
turn your tears at midnight,
into a leaping joy in the daylight.
Like springs of fountains flow,
so My love for you overflows.
Not simply on your sunny days,
but on the days of wind and rains.
My love for you,
out spans the limits of time and space.
It stretches wider than the ocean floors,
and My unmerited favor, far greater,
than your mind can fathom or believe.
You will never reach beyond the borders,
of My love.
It is higher than the heavens,
wider than the span of all the galaxies combined.
There is no love,
that will ever out love Me.
My dear, sweet love,
My heart beats a rhythm that only,
your heart can dance to.
Let My love,
move you to dance,
move you to delight,
set your soul to flight,
for in My heart you are one that I love,
the one that I adore.
Dearly beloved,
you are the one,
that I care for.
No matter the distance,
you feel between My heart and yours,
I am nearer than you know.
I am the whisper in the wind,
the morning dew,
that refreshes your soul.
I am the sun,
that brightens your day,
the cloud cover to be your shade.
I am the rain,
that waters the garden of your heart,
bringing abounding love and grace.
My precious one,
you are not without hope,
not without a reason to rejoice.
You have a hope in Me,
the One who can swear by My word,
My promises will never fall apart.
I am Faithful and True,
hold My promises close to you.
Lay your burdens on My chest,
Find deep comfort and rest.
Most of all,
let your heart and mind,
cling to the promise of love,
knowing that I will never leave or forsake you!
You are,
My dearly beloved.