This is my heart spilling out whatever comes to the surface. It’s mostly about God, my walk with Him, and whatever He brings to mind. My day occupation is chemical engineer. My part time role is a bible study leader and worship leader. Writing is something that has been with me through the years: poetry, devotions, fiction and song writing. Thanks for stopping by and I hope this blog encourages you.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thought I’d try again to leave a comment;-) I love your new poem, “My Sister’s Keeper”. What a beautiful sentiment behind it that should be happening amongst Christian women and too often does not. You definitely live by your words and I value our friendship greatly!

  2. I love your blog Erin! There is so much encouragement, inspiration, and challenges in all of your posts. May God continue to use your gift of writing to draw people to Him and to enlighten others about His truth in their lives. I look forward to reading more. Be blessed!!

  3. “We can say we love God and still have other loves, something or someone who takes higher priority than Him in our lives. Truth is He belongs in first place. May we receive His great love and pour it back on Him first, then others. There’s no greater love than God’s love. Blessings friends, you are deeply loved.” This is what my latest kid’s books is all about, and I would be honored if you would read it: LET THE CHILDREN COME TO JESUS :

    Click to access letbook%20with%20covers.pdf

    and consider posting your review Amazon:

    This is what Christ has commanded of me in Oct 2009 and I’ve been spreading the message He gave me then which is to pray to God our Father to send Jesus back to Earth. I will not quit until LET THE CHILDREN COME TO JESUS is made a Best Seller on NY Times Children’s Picture Book but I am only one older person having lost my co-author on March 06, 2013 who was my female Job but I must carry on and need your help. This is not to make a bunch of money. I’m giving away the first 3 books in the GOD’S JOYFUL SERVANT series at http://godsjoyfulservant.com where you can also read the children’s version (ONE CHILD’S MIRACULOUS STORY–To a Child Christ Returned) of what happened to me on June 25, 1953 when Christ showed Himself to me riding on clouds but what happened next just might be the real miracle. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!

  4. What an inspiring and spiritually rich blog! So glad you visited LightWriters (5wise.wordpress.com). Looking forward to following! 🙂

  5. God is so good to direct us to like-minded sisters – those who love God with their whole heart, mind, body, soul and strength! I am new to your blog and am blessed abundantly! Just shared, “How much does He love Us”……His thoughts towards us are as numerous as the grains of sand! Hallelujah!

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