Men were created to love, not lust (Relationship Series)

Morning Devotion: Adam was created to love, not lust or selfishness. 

Love is pure. It is not selfish. Love seeks to lavishly give, protect, serve, lay it’s life down for a friend. Love honors. Love is holy, without sin. God’s love never fails. 

Adam and Eve were created to love like God. Before they sinned, they knew agape love and had no insecurity nor selfish agenda. When Adam saw his unclothed wife, his first response was to speak life over her-not to comment on her body or try to use her or take from her for his own pleasure. 

When I hear men define manhood by lust, it saddens me. Lust is selfish. It’s seeking to take from others, instead of give to others. It’s the opposite of man’s true identity, the identity given by God when mankind was created in His image. 

Selfishness is not a God characteristic. God SO loved the world, He GAVE (John 3:16). 

God did not create Eve simply for Adam’s pleasure. She represents half of the nature of God. In His image God created them male and female (Genesis 1:27). 

So the phrases, “Men will be men (meaning sin defines manhood),” or “Love is for women,” or “Only wimps serve and have compassion,” are truly an insult to original design. God created Adam to love. God is love. There’s no selfishness nor lust in God. 

Our world has redefined love by human standards. True love was and is modeled by Jesus. May we abide in His love and then give that love away. 


Erin Lamb 


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