Loving Single Life (Relationship Series)

I ❤️ single life with God. He’s outstanding, my Best Friend. I’ve never had anyone love or care for me more than Him. I’m not seeking to change my status. I’m comfy, happy, overjoyed to be with God. If you’re single, this is for you! 

1. Being single is an amazing time to have unlimited time with God! Getting to know Him is incredible. I’m wowed by Him often. Just WOW God! 

2. It’s a time to find out who you are in Him. What were you created for? Despite what people say, people don’t complete us. God does. People complement. 

3. You can move, travel, go on adventures without any limitations. If you can, explore the world. I’ve been praying for years about moving to South America! 

4. You can invest in your family & friends. Married people have a greater priority; their spouse/children. 

5. Your time is not as limited as a single person; invest it wisely. 

6. Learn what love is from God not a flawed person. I love being in a relationship with Jesus who always treats me well. He’s taught me what love is & what it isn’t. So when men approach me with selfishness & lust or nonsense I can say, “No thanks what I have is better than what you’re offering.” 7. You can invest in the community or your church fellowship with less limitations. Though it sometimes saddens me that some tasks at work or church are dumped on the singles; “You don’t have a family. You have time.” I do still have a life outside of serving. 

8. Freedom! Not to live selfishly, to live generously. 

9. Maintain friendships. I’ve lost many “friends” to marriage, especially guy friends. They get a girlfriend or married and suddenly you’re invisible. You see them at the wedding, a baby shower, or if they need something. I hope to never do this to people-“I’ve known you 10 years, oh I’m married…bye!”

10. You can learn to love yourself without depending on the affirmation or love of another! 🙌🏼👏🏼♥️ 

5 thoughts on “Loving Single Life (Relationship Series)

  1. I told my cousin I used to write a blog for singles that discussed how you can actually be content while single if you focus on the love relationship Jesus desires to have with you. My cousin stated “anyone who says they’re content while single is lying!”. She went on about how she cried herself to sleep many nights because she wanted a husband more than anything else. She married a family friend of ours and he has his hands full because she’s never truly satisfied with much. I’ve talked to many married couples who learned they still had to return to their First Love to truly have a loving, healthy relationship with their spouse.
    I’m truly glad to be single as well. The only area I’m not content in is settling for less of Jesus. I want more and more of Him and desire to give Him more and more of me. I love how He loves me as well as others and it makes me weep to know that He desires to pour out His love on m me.

    Many blessings to you!

    • Thanks for your response. People think I’m lying too! It’s okay. I think our culture has made marriage or being in a relationship an idol. Idols always disappoint. We were told to worship God alone.

      Women were created to loved. All people were. Yet I’ve seen women more than men cling to getting love from a relationship with a human over God. It leads to heartache.

      I think we are not truly a blessing to others until we learn to get out needs met primarily by God. He’s the Source.

      There’s so much love & joy in God! May all receive from Him first. Anything additional is simply a blessing, not a necessity. 👍🏼

  2. Erin, this may be my favorite post from you. I learned several years ago how fulfilling it is to cherish my relationship with God. I used to be one of those women who yearned for an earthly husband, but once I realized God is my One and Only, I haven’t given it a second thought.

    It’s a blessing to be able to receive His unconditional love and extravagant grace. It doesn’t simply fill me, it overflows so I can pour it out to others. It is new and fresh every day, neverending. As you said, He is the Source, and I am so thankful for the richness of His embrace.

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