Marriage Doesn’t Cure Lust

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Here’s the prayer first for those who don’t like to read: 

Check this out from Ransomed Heart Ministries: “Prayer for Sexual Healing” – Prayer for Healing from Sexual Brokeness

The Bible tells us to pursue purity. Purity is more than not having sex. Yes I said the s word. The Church needs to talk about it because the world is saturated with impurity. God created sex & called it good (between husband & wife). The devil made sex about self, worship of it, perversion of it, & brought shame to it. Jesus came and redeemed it…He showed a human could walk in purity. 

Purity is a heart issue. Marriage does not cure lust any more than going to a bar cures alcoholism or an all you can eat Buffett cures gluttony. Lust is about pleasing yourself, gratifying self. Love is about giving. 

You may say, I’ve never had sex outside marriage so I don’t need this prayer. A person can be married and filled with lust. And our world bombards us with images, stories, even songs that feed our soul lustful things. 

This prayer covers fantasy, images, pornography, sex outside marriage, sexual assault, self gratification, lust of the eye (you’re not engaging, you’re feasting with your eye gate for your pleasure). 

Wholeness is available in Christ. He so longs for us to love. Love like Him. When Adam saw his unclothed wife, his first response wasn’t “Man she’s hot! I can’t wait to lay with her.” Nope. He loved her. He prophesied over her, “This is bone of my bone. Flesh of my flesh.” 

Before the fall, Adam & Eve were motivated to connect because of love, not lust. So our “men will be men,” is simply our affirming the ways of the devil. It’s not of God. God is not lustful. 

Lastly, the desire to have physical intimacy with someone is God given. The desire to take from someone or use them for self gratification is sin. 

Great resources also available at 

Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely…think on those things. 

Love in Christ, 



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