Hearing God about Marriage

Sweet singles, wanted to share some lessons learned about marriage words. Over the years I’ve received ~20 “prophetic” words about relationships.

The well meaning, normally married women or women who want to be married, have provided so many different advices or what they call from words from God on what I should do in my single life. 

Single in the Christian world seems to be at times a disease to be cured, not a time of devoted fellowship to the Lord. 

If you long to be married, praying for a mate that brings you closer to God. If you don’t, then I pray you stay connected to Jesus. He didn’t have a wife. Apostle Paul didn’t either. You can do great things and have a great life without a spouse. 

If you do want to be married, here’s what I’ve learned about prophetic words about marriage. 

1. You (the receiver) have the Holy Spirit. He bears witness to what’s of Him. He also doesn’t force His agenda on people. You get to choose. God may highlight someone as a potential good mate, that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with them. They get to choose too. 

2. God is not the author of confusion. He repeats the same thing not 20 different things. 

3. Trust the fruit of the person you’re with. Ask God to show you who they really are. He’s always answered this for me! Always. It helped me say no to marriage to a person who was not right for me, despite what everyone else said. 

4. People may provide input but you live with the consequences of marrying that person. 

5. God gives exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or imagine. He doesn’t give bad gifts. So if that person treats you poorly, red flag. God longs to bless you, not hurt you. 

6. The devil talks too that’s why God said, “Tests all spirits, weigh everything.” Dreams, visions, words, pictures, all need tested and prayed over. 

7. Our desires can cloud the voice of God, idols in our heart. For example when someone says I am married but I keep dreaming about my coworker. We are so meant to be. NO! Once you’re married that’s it. God would not tell you to fantasize about someone else or place those thoughts in your head. It violates who He is. 

8. Be in the word, in His Presence, and yielding all desires to Him. The heart can be deceitful, lustful, but God is not. He longs to bless people with what will draw them closer to Him and bless them. God cares not only about the physical, but the spiritual. 

9. God is not pushy. If I feel I’m being pushed, bullied, or controlled…it’s not of God. It’s of flesh or the devil. 

10. Fast and pray. Our flesh can speak too. Fasting is pushing away the plate to pursue God. 

11. Seek God. Don’t just listen to others. “God if this is You, please confirm Your green light.” God will give you the proceed, proceed with caution, or run for your life! Oh trust me!

Praying for you! 

Also if you haven’t already check out the Manifesting Sonship Series on the book blog. Http://ithoughtiknewwhatlovewas.com. 

Love in Christ, 



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