Pray As Heaven Prays

Intimacy with the Father was the highest priority for Jesus when He walked the earth. He’d retreat to be with Him. He was obedient even to death. 

Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. It doesn’t say He only did what He read about the Father doing. He had deep intimacy, communion, experience, & encounters with the Father. They talked. Jesus listened. 

Part of prayer is listening to God. 

Last night as we were praying, I sensed the Holy Spirit saying, “Be quiet and listen.” As we took time to listen to God, He revealed His ideas, strategies, prayers, desires, words, visions, and confirmed it through several people in the room. All aligned with His written word. 

We wait on God to speak & then we pray. We ask & wait to see what He’s doing then we act. We pray what He’s praying, not simply downloading all our requests on Him. 

What is heaven saying about our problems? 

What’s on God’s heart? 

What does He want to accomplish in the earth? 

What’s His solution for the mass murders, abortions, racism, sexism, violence, abuse, issues of the world? 

How can we colabor with heaven? 

We need to know Him & cultivate intimacy with Him to hear Him. 

Pray as He prays. 

Every word God speaks contains POWER. 

Every word containing power to fulfill itself. It’s a seed of light⚡️ that moves towards its target. Hence the ability of Jesus to send forth His word & heal the sick (Psalm 107:20). 

God spoke, “Let there be light,” and there was light (Genesis 1:3). 

It is great to pray with faith. It is powerful to pray what God prays. God is faithful to His word. It does not return void but accomplishes ALL it is sent out to do. I encourage people to pray the word of God. Here’s a link to some scripture prayers I use. Say what He says until you see what He says. 

Praying Scriptures
Contains prayers for children, relationships, pastors, needs, encouragement, missionaries, our government, the nations, Israel, healing, the church…

God bless you! May you listen and pray with heaven. 



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