What is Worship (Worship Series Part 7)


Pictured above are some of my notes on worship and worship leading.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all my righteousness,~God.

You shall have no other gods before me,~God.

I inhabit the praises of my people,~God.

This weekend was filled with rehearsals and practice for an upcoming worship night at Vineyard Reynoldsburg campus. I love worship! I love leading worship. And it’s not for the reasons that some may think. It’s not about lovely songs, instruments, and God knows for me it’s not about being on a stage or having attention. I’m not expressive or an extrovert. If you see me out front, leading, or being social, it’s mostly due to the Holy Spirit. I’m quite content in my secure cubby in God’s heart and not engaging with anyone.

What’s worship all about?

Worship is about intimacy. It’s about love. There’s a quote I just love that states, “I did not know how to worship until I learned how to love.” God wants our love. He doesn’t need it. He doesn’t need our worship or fellowship either. He’s in community. He had community before the earth was made. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit existed always. The angels worship continuously around God’s throne singing, “Holy, holy, holy!” All of creation (except us humans), are celebrating and worshipping God continuously by doing what they were created to do.

When God invites us to worship Him (love Him, put Him first, devote our lives to Him, adore Him, spend our lives, time, resources, talents, skills, etcetera…for His glory), He’s inviting us into something that will transform us.

One moment with Him can do more than we could do on our own in a lifetime! He’s inviting us to know Him, be loved by Him, and be transformed by Him. It’s not about ego; God is complete and confident in Himself.

True worship of God benefits us the most. We were created to worship. If it’s not God, then an idol takes His place.

Those who worship money, become greedy.

Those who worship food, become gluttonous.

Those who worship pleasure, become enslaved to it…needing more and more to be filled while leaving them emptier still.

Those who worship work, become workaholics.

Those who worship people, become people pleasers, fans, groupies, or lose their identity in their idol.

Those who worship other’s things, become jealous, envious, or covetous.

Those who worship themselves, become overly selfish, self centered, and can’t help anyone else.

Those who worship God in spirit and truth, become like Him. In worship He imparts Himself. He says come, “I want to reveal more of who I am to you. I want to deposit love, hope, peace, joy, and remove what’s been entangling you. I want to meet with you; heart to heart, spirit to Spirit.

Worship is not simply singing songs. It’s love. It’s intimacy. It’s warfare. In the Bible on many instances the worshippers were sent out first in battle. Worship is more than songs. It’s encountering the beauty of the King. It’s turning our attention towards heaven and our true Source, God Himself.

There’s no place we can go from His Presence, yet we can be completely detached from Him. We can have the Holy Spirit and quench Him or ignore Him. Worship is turning our focus towards Him saying, “God here I am, You have my undivided attention. I am here to love You! I am living to love You!

The devil is the prince of the air. If you don’t believe words have power or music is powerful, spend time with a gossip or angry person. Turn on the radio and listen to some of the words of songs and you’ll notice a shift in your spirit. You notice a shift in the atmosphere. I’m not saying only listen to Christian things. I’m saying worship is more than music. It’s impacting your spirit. Worship creates or cultivates a spiritual atmosphere around you and in you.

I pray this week our eyes are fixed firmly on God. He’s glorious. I pray we’d know Him; the heights, depths, and vast expanse of His great love. I pray we’d know also the richness of fellowship with His Son Jesus who paid the highest price for us. And to to be infused and led by His Holy Spirit for He is life! This week and every week, let us worship God in spirit and in truth. God bless you!

Oh magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together,~Psalm 34:3.

He’s beyond worthy!

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