When People Are Our Idols (Worship Series Part 3)


You shall have no other gods before me,~God.

If you ask most people if they are an idol worshipper, they’d firmly tell you no! However, our culture elevates mere human beings to “god” statuses. Celebrities, actors, athletes, musicians, sports teams, politicians, models, even pastors, evangelists, and prominent people in ministry are elevated to a level above most common folks.

It doesn’t have to be a well known person. Some people idolize and worship their spouse, children, parents, friends, best friend, coworker, or themselves.

I’d say the most common idol is self.

The people we idolize are our source of identity, comfort, joy, pleasure, and some place their hope and confidence in others or themselves.

What lets us know we’ve made an idol of someone.

1. That person consumes our thoughts, time, energy, resources, money, attention, and we want the person more than God Himself.

2. We see the person as able to save us, help us, and choose their assistance over Gods.

3. We seek their approval over God’s approval.

4. We agonize over what the other person does. We expect perfection from them or ourselves when only God is perfect.

5. We begin to imitate the one we worship. How would they do this?

6. We are devastated when the person fails us.

Note: if your spouse cheats, a person betrays you, there is going to be pain. If the pain stops you from living all together, the person was an idol. Humans are flawed and will fail or disappoint you in some way. They are not God.

7. You want to be with them more than God.

8. You define yourself by what they say instead of what God says.

9. You can’t function without them. I’ve heard people say, “I can’t live without you.”

10. You tolerate abuse because your person is “god” to you. Therefore, you have no worth not defined by them.

11. You know more about them than God or yourself.

12. You are more concerned with your way or doing what people want than doing God’s will.

I’ve seen people in churches bypass getting prayer from the person next to them because they want the pastor, or someone with a big name to pray for them. Truth be told, I’ve seen children get breakthrough and new believers. The Holy Spirit is not impressed by name tags! He will work through anyone. He’s the Source, not people.

I’ve also seen people devote their lives to following a human, celebrity, sports team, pastor, or church body thinking a person can save them, bring satisfaction, and comfort. You know what happens, people fail them and they are completely devastated. People are not God and will never be God. People are never to be elevated above God. Never, ever, ever!!!! We are never to be elevated above God.

What’s consuming your life? Who is your main focus? Is it God? Who are you serving? Who are you worshipping, imitating, devoting time energy and all of yourself to? Paul said follow me as I follow Christ and rebuked people for worshipping him. We are not to worship the people God uses. We honor them. We do not elevate them to a status of a god. People can’t save anyone. We were created to worship God alone. He’s our Savior, hope, comfort, joy, peace, deliver, healer, everything! Who is your everything? If it’s not God, I ask you pray this prayer with me.

Father I ask you reveal any person in our lives we have elevated to the level of a god. Search our hearts. Please forgive us for the sin of idolatry. Wash us and cleanse us. Help us to love you with all our hearts, souls, minds, and with everything! You alone are worthy! In Jesus powerful name, amen.


6 thoughts on “When People Are Our Idols (Worship Series Part 3)

  1. Sooo good Erin! It is God’s approval, love, and attention that we should seek most (and He gives it freely!) We should admire, look up to, and learn from people but not raise them up on pedestals. In the end, they are dust, just like us and what they think of us will never compare to what God thinks about us.

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