Overcoming Rejection


I told you I would post some personal experiences with rejection to hopefully inspire you to press on.


Before I was even born, I was rejected by my biological father and his family. My parents were married, yet my father didn’t want kids at the time. He had his own dreams he wanted to pursue. Being tied down to a family wasn’t in his plan. So when my mom was eight months pregnant with me she came home one day to an empty house.

I didn’t see him again until I was 16. I went looking for him. He hadn’t told his new family about me.

I will say that was the hardest to get over. It took God’s help, loads of forgiveness, and I grieved his actions for a long time. God gave me a new set of parents as an infant; they gave me more love than I could imagine. God did me a huge favor in setting up my adoption.


As a kid the only friends I truly had were my adopted parents and cousins. I never fit in with other children. My mum used to say, “Erin you have the heart of a child, the soul of an old lady.” I’m an introvert, who did not enjoy socializing with other kids. And it’s true, as an adult I get along really well with children and the elderly. I’ve never truly fit in with my peers. I’ve encountered rejection due to my ethnicity (experienced racism living in the south), my personality (I’m too direct or too happy), or for reasons that made no sense to me.

I learned through the rejection of my peers to be friends with God and to have compassion for people who are different from me. I learned to appreciate people who treat me well and the good friends I do have. Lessons I’m glad I learned.


In church I’ve experienced rejection from people who have said I make them feel bad about who they are because I’m quite serious about all things pertaining to Jesus. Ironic, but true.

I won’t change or alter my passion for the One who died for me. I love Him. Jesus died for me so I could live for Him. I am more careful in what I share and how I share. If people don’t want to hear the Gospel, you love them and let it be. Learning to share only what God leads me to share.

Being a Scientist:

In engineering, I’ve been rejected by some colleagues based on my age (too young to supervise older people) or based on my gender. A young woman leading men isn’t always well received either. Luckily my current employer has zero tolerance for discrimination, and I’m able to do my job in a pretty pleasant atmosphere.

I’ve learned and am learning to not base my worth, or value on the opinions of people. If you live by the praises or approval of people, you’ll be destroyed by their criticism.

When the insults come, I can boldly say, “Your opinions don’t define who I am. God does.”

Closing Thoughts:

All of my experiences, too many to post here, have taught me seek God for worth, identity, and friendship. He grows even bigger when the world treats you poorly. He is home. He is the one place I fit, and I never feel different, or alone. He is my safe place. He heals any wounds in our hearts. We can trust if something or someone is good for us, God will make it happen. If not, thank God for closed doors.

You, my friend, will encounter people who dislike you without cause, Jesus did. You may be judged, mistreated, talked about, or verbally abused. Stand in your God given identity as a child of God. He will change what needs changed in your life if you’re linked to Him. Stick close to Jesus. Live loved.

How people treat you is a reflection of what’s going on in their heart. Pray for others, and don’t let them steal your JOY! Shine on! You’re here for a divine purpose. 🙂 You are deeply loved!

You were born an original, don’t die a copy.



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