I Stand Before You (God’s Message of Love)

God’s love is available for us always. The cure for insecurity and fear is a deeper revelation of God’s love for us. I love being reminded of the vastness of God’s love. Here’s is an excerpt from my book I Thought I Knew What Love Was. I hope it blesses your heart, enlightens your soul, and warms your heart. You are deeply loved.


I Stand Before You (God’s Message of Love)

Written by Erin Lamb © Copyright 2011

I stand before you;

My arms are open wide,

wanting to embrace you,

wanting to bring to health to you,

and wanting to re-establish you.

Reach out your arms to Me,

for My love for you

won’t end

and won’t fail.

Though the thunderstorms rage, the seas of turmoil turn,

and the waves crash over your fragile heart;

I am still standing here,

standing strong for you.

I have a heartbeat

that beats just for you;

it beats to the rhythm of your name.

Can you hear My heart cry out,

for more time with you

and more intimacy with you?


I unveil more of Myself to you.

I am the One who longs for you.

Let go.

Let go of all the preconceived notions

that I cannot meet your every longing.

I love…

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