When you feel alone…

A wonderful post from a wise and inspiring woman. Highly recommend her blog.

forgottenPeople will overlook you.

They will judge you without getting to know you.

They will reject you because you don’t fit in.

They will speak against you when you can’t hear.

They will hurt you with their words and deeds.

They will scoff at you and look down upon you.

They will betray behind your back you when you can’t see.

They will walk right past you like you’re not even there.

They will make you feel like you aren’t worth a minute of their time.

Sometimes these people are our neighbors, our family, or our closest friends.

People we love, look up to, and respect.

And when they hurt us the pain cuts deep.

Their words sting.

Their neglect brings us down to our knees.

And their rejection seems unreal.

But I have good news for you.

When you feel alone.

When you feel neglected.

When you feel forgotten.

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