Band-Aids on Broken Bones

Band-Aids on Broken Bones by Erin Lamb 

I want to eventually write a book on this subject. What happens when you put band-aids on broken bones? I will tell you, it results in greater injury. There are things that happen to us in life that fracture us in places. Some fractures are small, and we can barely feel them. Others are deep breaks and if we don’t allow them to heal properly, we end up with a greater wound; a deeper wound. Here are some examples that might hit home.

A person who is in a car accident and ends up in a body cast, would not be expected to run a marathon the next day. It’s not going to happen unless God Himself miraculously heals every place that has been fractured. We, however, can expect people who have gone through emotional traumas to rebound instantly. We throw verses at them such as, “His strength is made perfect in your weakness.” We expect people to jump for joy and delight in persecution, betrayal, loss, etc…Guess what? It doesn’t work that way. There is joy in suffering for the sake of the gospel, but not all suffering is for the gospel. Some of it comes from living in a sinful world with an enemy who hates that we exist and the results of a world not yet perfected. Not all hardships are for our benefit. And despite how spiritual we are, our souls will still mourn, and we are not to neglect them.

Instant vs. Progressive Healing:

I have seen God instantly heal people’s bodies, their minds, and their souls. I have also seen, especially in my own life that healing sometimes takes time. Just as a broken bone takes time to heal, a fractured heart, spirit, or soul can take time to heal. If you don’t stop to rest when your soul is tired, you will suffer. Our minds, bodies, spirits, and souls are all connected. If you neglect one part, the other’s suffer. Just as you wouldn’t run a marathon on a broken foot, don’t expect to function the same with a broken heart or soul.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of progressive healing. I want instant healing because then you feel better, and life is good. We also want the people we care about to hurry up and heal so they can be back to normal again. Sometimes it’s because we love them, and other times it’s so we can feel good too. It’s not easy to be with those who are broken and suffering, and that’s where real love steps in. It’s not about us, it’s about what is best for the other person. If we are whole and they are not, then the goal is be an instrument of God’s love.

Good things about progressive healing: We have to depend on God in ways we never had to before. Sometimes He is the only one who can get you out of bed and hold you up during the day. You learn that if He is all you have, He is all you need. People can’t fix you, only God can. And in that place you meet your Best Friend face to face. No one can take the experiences you have with Him away. They are yours forever.

Good Pain vs. Bad Pain:

Pain is a sign we need to investigate what is going on in our mind, emotions, and spirit. God is so smart He gave us brains that say, “That hurts, let’s stop doing that.” If we persist on pressing through some pain we gain strength. If we persist in pressing through other types of pain, it leads to greater damage.


A person working out needs to push to a point of discomfort, but if they press to the point of excruciating pain, they will be injured.

I was friends with someone years ago who stated, “Erin, no matter how poorly I treat you, you are still my friend.” I poured into the person, loved, and supported them, at the end of the day I felt horrible. One day the light bulb came on, turning the other cheek was not the same thing as being a doormat. The pain I experienced in that relationship was bad pain. I still love the person, but they are not a part of my life since they did not want to modify their behavior.

A man who beats or abuses his wife yet tells her it’s for her own good= bad pain.

We have to know the difference between what God is doing to make us into His likeness and what the devil is doing to destroy us.

Good pain leads you becoming a stronger, healthier person. Bad pain leads you to becoming a wounded person. A surgeon and a butcher both cut things open, but one seeks to give life and the other death.  

When You Don’t Take Time To Heal:

For seven years my mom was sick and when she would have episodes she would call me. She’d call my cell phone, my work phone, etc.. I was also stalked by someone from my church, so I learned to associate the phone with bad things. I hate the phone. I hate talking on the phone. I hate hearing the phone ring. Over the years the phone was linked to bad news and harassment. I never dealt with my issues with the phone, but it affects other people. If they call me, I don’t normally answer. I’ve also noticed buried emotions don’t die, they stockpile. So, if you don’t take the time to heal, the next thing that applies pressure to what hurts will cause you to scream out in pain. People have no idea why what seems small to them is excruciating for you. It’s because you have been hit in that same place so many times and it’s never been given the chance to heal. If you break your arm once, then someone hits it with a bat, then another person slams it in a door, eventually that arm will no longer function.

So, take the time to heal. People may not understand, but they will be thankful in the end that you did. You are responsible for your own healing.

So my encouragement to you is this.

God and time heals all wounds if you let Him. The first place to start is with God. Only He sees all and knows all. Only He can do a complete work. People are awesome, but they are not the Healer. God is the Healer. Also give yourself a break. Your healing may take longer, but when God is done it will be a complete work. Let Him do what only He can do. I’d rather have a complete work, than a half done one any day. You are deeply loved. No more band-aids on broken bones. May the healing Jesus already paid for be applied to every area of your life!


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