“We’re stronger in the places that we’ve been broken.” ― Ernest Hemingway

I am learning to box. Yes, fighting is fun until you get caught off guard and hit in the face. ☺ No worries, I am not out picking fights with people. It’s more for exercise and discipline. Life can be like a boxing match at times. You are all geared up, in the ring, ready to go, and out of the blue, BAM! Life hits you with a hefty upper cut and you are on the ground. You didn’t see it coming, but when you get up you realize something is broken.

I hate the word brokenness. It seems so final. I am broken. You are broken. It seems like such a negative word. Who wants to be broken? Mostly no one. However, as Ernest Hemingway stated and I am learning, we become the strongest in the places we have been broken. Just as our muscles become stronger after a strenuous workout, we (if we cooperate with God) become strong in the places where we have been broken. Here are some examples.

The person who’s been rejected learns to reach out to love others because they know what it feels like to be without love.

The person who’s been traumatized and abused reaches out to heal, comfort, encourage, and help those who are hurting.

The person who has failed repeatedly extends mercy to those who fail.

The person who suffers learns to help those who suffer.

The person who’s family life is beyond dysfunctional learns to be family for someone else.

The key to becoming stronger is allowing God in to every place that hurts and allowing Him to heal from the inside out. He is the Healer. Some of the most influential people I know have stories that would rock you to the core. You look at them and think, “How did they survive this?” And they use what happened to them to help others overcome. One word that I cling to is, “Don’t waste your pain.”  Use it. Use what life threw at you to destroy as a building block to help others and a stepping stone for your future. You can overcome. You can become stronger. God does not lie and He does not fail. He will use everything that happened to you to bring great glory to His name. You’ll look back years from now and say, “God is so faithful.” You are loved friends. You are deeply loved. The words I type to you, I type to me. We are more than conquerors through Christ who gives us strength. That strength is that same power that raised Christ from the dead. You are not without hope or a blessed future. Each day, may your heart grow stronger! Love, peace, and grace.

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