The Single Reality (Part 7)

What are you waiting for?

My dear friends, I hope you are enjoying this series. We will talk about purity, dating, connecting with families, and so much more in the weeks to come. We will have guest bloggers to chat with us. Tonight, I wanted to talk about destiny. Yes, your destiny. Why are you here? Are you sitting around waiting for something to come along or someone to come along before you start living? I hope not. God has so many great plans for you as an individual. You have your own destiny that is tied to Jesus.

I’ve heard single people state they will finally be happy when they find someone. Life seems to be at a standstill until “The one,” shows up. I want to ask, “What you waiting for? Life is worth living today. Be happy today. The sky is the limit for you!” If you are single, your heart and time is unhindered. You can go where God tells you to go and do what He calls you to do without it impacting too many people. If He tells you to pick up and move, you can most likely go. You have a future that is bright…

Here are some things I’ve found that were beneficial in enjoying life as a single person.

1. Ask God why He made you. God knows why He created every person on the planet. He has a personalized plan for each one. He knows the gifts, talents, and skills He placed inside every person. He has a plan for every human being so they shine brightly for Him. Everyone has a divine purpose and it’s worth investigating.

2. Spend time getting to know God. He is better than any gift He gives. People can spend their entire lives going to church and miss truly knowing God personally. He is an amazing Father, friend, and He’s not boring. Getting to know Him is an adventure. Then you have stories to share with others about Him. It’s a journey worth taking.

3. Find what you love to do and do it. Is it music, art, writing/blogging, cooking, sports, travel, missions,….? Find out what you are passionate about and do those things. Life is worth living, as I stated earlier.

4. Let God love you and love yourself. There are so many people in the world who don’t know how much they are loved or don’t love themselves. Love is something we can not give away if we don’t have it. If we don’t love ourselves or know God’s love for us then we will search  for someone to love us and fill that void. No one can fill a God sized void. Only He can.

5. Help and serve others. Life is far more fun when we share, give, love others, and help those in need. Volunteer. Get to know your neighbors. Serve as Jesus served.

6. Be a world changer. You my friend can change the world. Many people say, “What can one person do?” One person can do quite a bit. Mother Teresa was one woman, but she accomplished so much. One person can make a difference. Just tie your life to Jesus and watch your life take flight.

God I pray for every person who reads this blog to have an encounter with you. May they have a deeper revelation of your love and the purpose You have for their lives. Reveal the reason why they were created. Lead them, guide them, and help them to enjoy life to the fullest. In Jesus name, Amen.


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