The Single Reality (Part 2)

Are you half of a person or a whole person?

I’ve heard so many people say that single people are half of a person. Unless they get married they will not be whole. I have found no scripture in the bible to validate this statement. The verse that is used to attempt to validate that claim is when God spoke of it not being good for Adam to be alone, He would make a suitable helper for him, Genesis 2: 18. One of God’s intention in creating people was to fill the earth with His offspring. Adam could not reproduce with the animals.  Adam and Eve were the first family. It had to start somewhere. Adam did need another person like him to reproduce and though animals make great companions, it is not the same as having someone like you as a companion. God did a wonderful thing in creating family.

Today, in 2012, it seems we are never alone. Each person is born into a family. Every person is born with a mother and father, even if they don’t know  their mother or father. Not only are we born into families, we have a church family. God has it set up where no person has to be alone. He gave us His Holy Spirit as a Comforter, Healer, Teacher, and Companion. So we have full access to God 24/7. We are never alone. He gave us this promise, “I set the lonely in families,” Psalm 68:6. Our loving God set it up so those without a natural family can have family in His family.

We cannot take life without a spouse as a sign of an inadequate life. If Apostle Paul had done that we would not have most of the New Testament. If he spent his life feeling like half of a person who would never have happiness apart from marriage, he would not have pursued Christ the way he did. He spoke of the bliss that can be found in pure devotion to Christ. It is possible. Now, if a person desires to be married, then it is a noble thing. But you are not half of a person without a spouse. In Christ, we are made complete and whole. The truth is if you marry someone thinking they will fix low self-esteem or loneliness, you might be surprised that the person you marry is human too. Spouses aren’t saviors, nor are they God. Only God can provide true identity. Only Christ centered identity is secure. And only God can make a person whole.

So if you are single, devote your life to Jesus and find life in Him. If you are widowed, you are not less than a person without your spouse. You were created without them. God has a plan for you as an individual. If you are divorced, God has a redemptive plan for you. You are loved by Him and can find healing in His arms.

God never intended for humans to take the place of affection for Him in our hearts. He still wants to be loved first and the most. If we feel we are half of a person without a spouse then we will either feel horrible that we haven’t found our other half, or spend our lives searching for a mate instead of seeking God.

My Prayer:

God I pray for every single, widowed, or divorced person who reads this to find identity, contentment, and wholeness in You. Remove any lies that they cannot live a wonderful life without marriage. If marriage is their desire, I ask that You prepare them for what’s to come. May they never seek marriage over pure devotion to you. Heal, restore, and love on them. May they always feel You near. In Jesus precious name, amen. 

One response to “The Single Reality (Part 2)

  1. 1 must be able to breathe perfectly on his/her own in order to live at all, and definitely in order to be able to breathe life into another.
    God is so real in singleness and in marriage, we are all His spouse.

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