Beautiful Woman (poem)

Beautiful Woman
By Erin Lamb
May 29, 2012

Beautiful woman,
you are the epitome of creativity;
filled with grace
and showered with honor.
You are the workmanship of God.
The Creator of the heavens and the earth thought that you were a terrific idea.
He breathed life into His thoughts
and there you were.
He carved you out of beauty
and placed treasures in your heart.
Into you He placed wisdom, courage, and an intense bond with His heart.
You are His priceless possession.
Beautiful woman,
there is only one you.
There is no one on the earth that can do exactly what you can do.
What great joy!
What great elation!
He had to place His fingerprints on you.
So when He shines through you,
the world can see how brilliant and wonderful His work of art could be.
You are not to be hidden,
or abused.
You are to be celebrated,
and treated like a queen.
Lift your lowered head up high!
You are God’s beloved.
You are His Bride.
You are clothed in righteousness,
bathed in His love.
The fragrance of your beauty
is sent from above.
You are not less than, you are more than
you have ever considered yourself to be.
You were worth dying for.
You have a divine destiny.
Beautiful woman,
you have value.
You have worth.
You stand apart as a bright shining star
who is deeply loved.
There is not a place God would rather be
than in your presence
meeting your deepest needs.
You are His love.
You are His delight.
You are His beauty
and you shine so bright.
Beautiful woman,
there are treasures in heaven being stored up for you!
Won’t you dance under the covering of His love,
He has the best plans for you.
No one can take your gifts.
No circumstance can cause you to be displaced.
He will not be delayed,
nor His promises denied.
His promises for you
have been sealed in His heart,
etched onto the corridors of His dwelling and they will not be ignored.
Your desires are held there
being watered by love.
He cannot forget you.
You are His most precious one.
Beautiful woman,
bask in your beauty.
Hold your head up high
for you are a daughter of the King.
Live confidently, courageously, and boldly!
With Him you can accomplish anything.
Beautiful woman,
He longs to give you beauty for ashes,
joy for your sorrow,
and healing for your pain.
He longs to drape you in His riches
and trade your past for His marvelous plan.
He longs for your heart to know that no one can love you the way He can.

“Abba I ask for every woman that reads this poem to have a deeper revelation of Your love. To know the height, the width, the depth of it! May she hold her head up high not out of arrogance, but confidence in the fact that you don’t make junk. You make all things beautiful. I ask that you would remove any lie that tells her she is less than, inferior, timid, without hope, powerless, without beauty, and without purpose. She is here to shine brightly for you. Remove any comparison, jealousy, envy, self deprecation, and restore identities to be what you intended them to be.

We are women who are cherished by You! We are women who are deeply loved by You. We are not loved because of what we do or fail to do; by what we have or don’t have. We are loved because of who we are, the objects of Your affection. You made us beautiful and You call us loved. We are to be celebrated and honored. We are Your beloved. Bring freedom. Bring hope. Bring joy! Bring revelation of purpose. And most of all, keep us in the center of Your heart. In Jesus precious name, Amen.”

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Woman (poem)

  1. Beautiful Erin, thank you amiga. These words go straight to my heart. Oh how He loves me/us, so beautiful amiga, ummmm like really I have to remember and re read these words over and over. Oh my Jesus 🙏 I need Him so much

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