Thankful for You!

Dear friends,

Wow what an incredible start to 2012! Are you excited? I am excited.

I feel like this is a season of reaping. Those that have sown in tears, will reap great joy! Those that have sown great love, will reap great love.

The great thing about sowing is that you start with a small seed. That small seed grows and multiplies to be far more than we could imagine! So keep sowing good things! The end will be greater than the beginning.

I am thankful for you. Thankful for your decision to follow this blog. Thankful God made you. I am praying for you, cheering for your dreams to come true, and for your fellowship with Jesus to deepen this year.

P.S check out the new blog, God=Love. The address is

You can also check out the Facebook Page “I Thought I Knew What Love Was”

Love ya! Praying for you!


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