Godly Confidence

One of the biggest challenges I believe humans face is the learning to love ourselves in a healthy way. Yes there are some people in the world who like themselves a lot but it is normally based on self centeredness, narcissism, or plain delusion. There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance says ‘I am better than you.’ Confidence says ‘I am good because God says I am good.’ A confident person doesn’t look down their nose at someone else, they try to lift the other person up knowing that they are equals; both humans, both deeply loved by God. Humility and confidence can coexist. A person can know that they are a treasure without worshipping themselves or placing themselves at the center of the Universe. It’s okay to say ‘I like myself. I am not perfect but God is working out the wrinkles in my life so I look more like Him.’ Insecurity is this evil thing that robs us of our God-given dignity, causes us to live unhappy lives, and it keeps us staring in the mirror saying (What about me? Why do they have what I don’t have? Why does she look this way and I don’t?). The devil loves to keep a Christian insecure because we won’t take risks, we won’t be content, we will always live in a state of comparison, we will not appreciate who He made us to be, we won’t be able to celebrate anyone else, and we miss opportunities to step out in boldness to represent Him. So many hours of a woman’s life is spent dieting, exercising, plucking, dying, waxing, comparing, trying to be the perfect 10. I am not saying there is anything wrong with most of these activities. What I am saying is that time is something once we use it, we don’t get it back. If I can spend 3 hours a week working out, I should be able to spend 3 hours a week serving somewhere, reading the word, spending time with God or praying.

You and I were not meant to be compared to anyone on the planet. There is one you. You are beautiful. The beauty inside you trumps the beauty on the outside. You may say that’s what ugly people say, but it’s true (real beauty comes from within). God values what is in your heart. You want people to be attracted to what is in your heart. That lasts longer that the perfect body or perfect hair. Godly confidence is attractive. I will never meet all the world’s standard of beauty or maybe never be what the world thinks is valuable. However, I have a Father who calls me beloved. He calls me chosen. He knows my name and calls me beautiful. With every sunrise I hear Him say ‘I love you. You are mine.’ He is cultivating beauty in my soul. That is the place that needs the most tender care. So my lovelies. LOVE YOURSELF. If you don’t love you, you will struggle loving others. God loves you and wants to make you the best version of yourself. He wants to replace your heart with a heart like His. Working on your heart does not detract from the unique qualities He has given you. God wants you to be you! He likes you. The gifts and unique talents given to you were given by Him. Don’t settle for being a second-rate someone else, be a first-rate you. Work on becoming the best you, you can be.  

P.S You are deeply loved, cherished, adored, and there is no one on earth that can take your place. Muah  🙂