Dearly Beloved (Poem)

Dearly Beloved
Love letter from Abba
Written August 29, 2010

By Erin Lamb

Dearly beloved.
I am here,
in your place of waiting,
where uncertainty,
can crowd out your peace.
It is I,
Who holds you together,
My love gathering every piece.
Every piece of joy, of hope,
of your sought after dreams.
It is I Who will knit them together,
initiating change,
and cultivating creativity.
Dearly beloved,
it is your heart I long to hold tenderly.
My heart is aching,
for you to know that I will be near,
I will be here,
I will not let you go.
I long to dream with you,
set your inspiring dreams to flight,
turn your tears at midnight,
into a leaping joy in the daylight.
Like springs of fountains flow,
so My love for you overflows.
Not simply on your sunny days,
but on the days of wind and rains.
My love for you,
out spans the limits of time and space.
It stretches wider than the ocean floors,
and My unmerited favor, far greater,
than your mind can fathom or believe.
You will never reach beyond the borders,
of My love.
It is higher than the heavens,
wider than the span of all the galaxies combined.
There is no love,
that will ever out love Me.
My dear, sweet love,
My heart beats a rhythm that only,
your heart can dance to.
Let My love,
move you to dance,
move you to delight,
set your soul to flight,
for in My heart you are one that I love,
the one that I adore.
Dearly beloved,
you are the one,
that I care for.
No matter the distance,
you feel between My heart and yours,
I am nearer than you know.
I am the whisper in the wind,
the morning dew,
that refreshes your soul.
I am the sun,
that brightens your day,
the cloud cover to be your shade.
I am the rain,
that waters the garden of your heart,
bringing abounding love and grace.
My precious one,
you are not without hope,
not without a reason to rejoice.
You have a hope in Me,
the One who can swear by My word,
My promises will never fall apart.
I am Faithful and True,
hold My promises close to you.
Lay your burdens on My chest,
Find deep comfort and rest.
Most of all,
let your heart and mind,
cling to the promise of love,
knowing that I will never leave or forsake you!
You are,
My dearly beloved.


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