Commentary on “A Woman’s Worth (Poem)”

He makes everything glorious (beautiful)! Those are the words that ring in my head. God makes everything beautiful and with a purpose. What makes something valuable is that there is an intended purpose for it. What makes it an item of worth is that the person who made it values it and has a purpose/use for it. Things that we don’t value we don’t use or don’t see a need for. God values everything He made and has a purpose for all that He has made. He longs for relationship with us, the ones He made for His glory. Each person he made has a divine purpose and great value.

I see women compare themselves to other women, put themselves down, and define who they are (their value, their worth) from so many things other than God. It makes my heart sad. I know from my own walk that when I don’t see myself the way God does, all these nasty lies about what make me valuable creep in. Then what occurs is what I call “stinking thinking.”  I warn you that “stinking thinking” can lead to a roller coaster of self-pity, self-criticism, pretty much everything where we are the center and God is not. It’s an ugly roller coaster and at the end you want to vomit. At the end you and I have missed out on enjoying the life God paid to give us. I can’t be anyone other than who I am. If I don’t love myself or believe what God has said, then I am miserable. I can’t get away from myself….Hold on……I just took a moment to laugh (picturing trying to escape myself).

If I listened to other people I would never even like myself. I modeled for a while and I think it is the place where you acquire thick skin or some kind of disorder. People critique you as their job. You hear things like “If only you were a little taller, can we change your hair color, eye color, can we hide this, tape this, modify this, this pic is awesome, this one is a mess…..” So you learn to be okay with you or you are constantly a mental and emotional mess. Even in the church there can be scrutiny, “When are you going to get married? What is wrong with you? We need to get you a man”? Seriously! I am not deemed valuable by my marital status or the way I look or even by what I do. I am valuable because God says that I am. My goal in life is to know Him, be filled with His love, love people, and do whatever He calls me to do. I love me, because God loves me. I accept myself, because He accepts me. I say He is far more (can we take that to a million times smarter) intelligent than I will ever be.  Also He never lies, so trusting Him with what He says is in my best interest.

Yes I want to be the best me that I can be, but I would rather live a life so submitted to Him so that He shines through. I would rather accept my place in His heart and show others they have a place in His heart too. I am far more concerned with showing, displaying the love of Jesus than being the most beautiful charming person in the eyes of man. Beauty is fleeting. I desire to have a heart that is beautiful and for every person I meet to see His love, His kindness and His goodness. I am already accepted and loved, but in response to that love I want a heart like His.

So no matter what you look like, your marital status, your bank account size, your dress size, your age, your family, fill in the blank, you are valuable to God. You are significant to Him. You have a special place in His heart. No one can take your place in His heart. You are loved! Not for what you do or what you have, but because He made you and God doesn’t make junk. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Muah 🙂


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