What is God Like?

I have read and heard thousands of descriptions of God. There are so many names for Him in the Bible I am not sure I could recite them all. Actually I am sure I could not recite them all. The Bible has given me such a great picture of Him. The world has often portrayed Him differently. The God that I know is very different from how He is often portrayed, aside from the biblical accounts. He has sometimes been portrayed as cold, uncaring, or out to get the world. The God I know is so kind, so loving, so eager to interact with mankind (and not so He can strike them dead for the evil things they do or say). He came to save the world. The God I know hates to see people hurt, without hope, mistreated or abused. He may not prevent all suffering (for reasons I may never know) but I do know that He cares about those who are hurting.

The God I know is a God of justice. Meaning He will intervene to vindicate wrongs in our lives and in the world. I know that He will bring justice to all situations in His timing. He is not only a God of mercy, but one of justice. He is slow to anger but committed to His word. His is the most fair judge and everything He says is true. Even when we don’t understand everything He does is perfect.

He long to hear us pray (talk to Him).  He is the perfect gentleman. He has the ability to do anything, to create anything, but He will sometimes wait until He asked to step in (though not always). I picture Him eager for His kids to pray, His ear turned towards us. I have seen prayers answered that seemed impossible, not based on my goodness, but His. I will not say He is a jeanie in a bottle who gives His children whatever they want, but He is always willing to listen and do what is best for the time being.

The God I know is so intelligent that He often allows us to see only parts of who He is so that our minds are not overwhelmed. However He is not hidden or beyond human reach. He is actually reaching towards us on a daily basis and we can miss Him. I have seen He wants to reveal more of His heart, more of His character, and more of His goodness to the world. I picture Him as this loving parent looking down on His children, eagerly anticipating any movement, so He can reach down, offer a hug, a smile and whisper “I love you kid, go out there and have a great day.”  Though His ways are likened to being mysteries, His character is woven through the pages of scripture and I see them in nature every day.

He is so creative, just look around. I could go on and on about all the marvelous things He has created. If I stop and pay attention I see the brushstrokes of His paint brush in every sunrise, every sunset, and every ocean wave.

He is perfect, even when I don’t understand Him or His ways. When the woman who helped raise me (my grandmother) died from cancer, I was devastated. She carried a piece of my heart with her and even today my heart will often ache. For awhile I thought, “how could a loving God allow such grief, such pain”? My heart ached like it never had before. In a moment of grief I had the realization that His ways were not my ways. I found I loved Him for who He was and not for allowing me to have my way. It wasn’t until three years after her death that it made more sense. One she was ready to go. She felt she had done what God placed her here to do. She had already talked to God about her life. God wasn’t going to give me what I wanted and not do what was best for her. God has a greater understanding than we do. He sees all things, understands all things and some things may never make sense to me or you. Trust me in one thing He is good.

He longs for relationship, not just our rule keeping.  He is not seeking a robot He can control. The more I get to know Him, the more I want to do what is right. Not out of obligation but out of love and relationship. Have you ever noticed people who spend a lot of time together begin to share similar traits. Well, He isn’t going to become like me. I am becoming more like Him-kinder, calmer, more loving, more patient. Also when you love someone you want to do what is right by them. I often wondered why Jesus said “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Since knowing Him my heart has begun to care more about those without food, clean water, people who are lonely, and loving God with my life. He already knows what I am going to do, whether good or bad. That never stops Him from pursuing a relationship with me, why? Because God is love.  He knows that our relationship will change my heart for the better and I will not be able to what is right without Him.

He is the best friend you will ever have. I know from just living life that there are times of loneliness, where you feel as though not a soul cares or understands. There are things you can only discuss with God because only He can handle what you have to say.  He can handle it all and most times He is the only One who can help. There are times when you can’t even pray, you just weep or cry. He is always there. I won’t list all the things I have walked through with Him, just know whatever you walk through He is there. Even if you don’t see Him or feel Him, He is there. He is there to comfort, heal, love and fill any void in your life. He will always love you better than anyone else can or will.

I will say Christians (myself included) are not the best representatives of what He is like. We are not perfect. We are flawed and we can claim to walk with Him and act nothing like Him. I don’t look to a person to show me what God is like. Jesus is the only one who did it perfectly and the one to look to. Please don’t be discouraged because of any bad experiences with someone claiming to know Him. 

God is love. God is not hateful, spiteful, grumpy, or out to get the world. He is not out to take all your money or make your life miserable. He is not pushing a political agenda. He is love. He is always love. He loves it when you laugh and smile. He wants what is good for all mankind, not just the people who are rich, famous, or considered socially acceptable. He cares about the people others often overlook.

He is the perfect parent. Even His discipline comes in love because He wants the best for those He loves. His instructions to do or not do something are rooted in love. He knows as every parent knows the consequences of a child’s actions. His objective is not only to save us from destruction, but to draw us closer to Himself. He knows as parent’s know that children need guidance, discipline and love. He loves every person on the planet whether they love Him or not, believe in Him or not. He despises evil acts, but loves the person. He longs to forgive us and isn’t stingy with extending grace. He is not stern or cold or unfeeling.  He is not off in the distance watching the world, not wanting to interact with the world. His heart aches to show everyone they are loved. 

So I encourage you if you don’t know Him personally to just start by asking God to reveal who He really is to you. I pray you see Him for who He really is, don’t just take my word for it. And if you have been walking with Him a long time yet you still have a disconnect with His heart I pray you too have a deeper revelation of who God is.

Thanks for reading my blog. God loves you-you my friend are deeply loved! 🙂


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