What I’ve Learned About God through Gardening

So this year I decided that having a garden would be something fun to do. It has been added to the list of hobbies. It ranks up there with the painting, guitar playing, writing, dancing, singing, knitting and other activities that I do not get paid for, but love.  Gardening, oh what a learning experience. I have found some incredible life lessons in my time spent tending the plants. I have encountered God in each one of those life lessons. He is in all things, all we have to do is look closely. So come with me on the journey to find God in the garden.

We reap what we sow-meaning what we plant is what comes to the surface. A gardener would be shocked to see tomato plants growing where the corn was planted. The gardener would also be horrified knowing what they planted in the ground is not what they have to harvest. Often in life I think we are shocked to see bitterness, anger, selfishness, hatred, jealousy, broken relationships, breaking through the surface of our lives. We scratch our heads and say, where did this come from? We neglect to ask ourselves what seeds are planted in our hearts. Out of the mouth the heart speaks, so if the seeds planted in our hearts are seeds of un-forgiveness, self-hatred, hatred of others, selfishness, jealousy, envy, strife, lust-that is what will break forth.  Where do the seeds originate from? It starts in our minds. That is where each seed, either good or bad is planted. What we allow to sink in and take root is what will blossom in our lives.

We reap more than we sow. The seeds we plant yield more than the small seed we planted. If we invest in what is good, there are great things that will spring forth. I love my plants and love when they are thriving. Only small seeds are planted, but if I take care of them they keep producing over and over. I sowed something small and good; I have reaped a harvest so plentiful that I have to find people to share the harvest with.

Plants need light, water and pruning. So do we. God is light. Everything good, He encompasses. He is a source of life.  Plants left inside turn themselves to grow towards the light. The plants need the light to grow and thrive. Without the light, the plants will wither and die. We need God to grow and thrive. Some plants (like ivy) will climb over any obstacle to get its light source. Would our lives be different if nothing stopped us from climbing to the light? 

Another important part of plant development involves watering. I left a plant with a friend while in Australia and we she returned it, the leaves were withered and limp. It was still alive, but looked a bit sick. The solution, water. Once the plant was watered it perked up. I liken my sick plant to the spiritual condition of the human soul. If the love of God is not being poured in, if truth is not saturating the soul, it begins to dry up. Water is crucial to life. Don’t wait for church services to meet with God or have your heart filled by Him. It is a 7 day a week drawing near to Him. He is standing there with His water pitcher saying “Here is more love, more truth, more hope, more revelation, and more encouragement. Now grow, thrive”!

The last point is the beauty of pruning, weeding and attentive care. If you have a garden you are aware that weeds will try to crowd out your beloved plants. They will attempt to rob the soil of nutrients and have the potential to kill your crop or flowers. Our weeds may be described as discouragement, deception, unbelief, or fear. Those things must be quickly uprooted before they crowd out faith, hope, and love. Gardeners care for what they have planted. They have invested in what they have sown. God is the master gardener and He is invested in you! He loves you. He loves what He has planted and wants you to grow and thrive. Not just for His own personal satisfaction.  He also wants to bless everyone around you. My greatest satisfaction as a gardener is being able to give away the fruit of my labor. I love watching my plants grow. God loves you a million times more than I love my garden. That I know for sure. 🙂


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About God through Gardening

  1. God is definitely a much better gardener then me! If I was left to my own devices, my “garden” would die, but He is in the process of perfecting me. He is a God that enjoys beauty and is a master artist I trust with my whole life.

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