Just reminds me of the beauty of God

His love is simply irresistable. There is something so incredible about Him. His soft words are like a tender breeze whisping through the tunnel of my soul. He sweetly whispers continually “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  A love that began before I ever existed and will remain long after my life on earth has ended.  His love is like the vast expanse of the galaxies, it simply continues on beyond the eyes ability to see. His love is like the warmth of the sun, warming the heart the way no other love could. His love is like plunging to the deepest depths of the ocean, there is no physical way to swim all the way through it. 

He is love and He is light. He is over, below, and in between. His love touches the realms of the human heart that no person could ever see. His love wows the senses and takes the heart places it has never been and could never venture without Him. He stands in the past, the present and the future all at the same time. His love is not limited, it is extravagant. He is the ultimate Lover of the human heart. One moment with Him, makes all other moments seem obsolete in comparison. There is an electricity that occurs in the moment when the heart connects with the heart of the One who created it.  Complete acceptance and a divine sense of wholeness occur. He leaves no area of the heart empty. 

The beauty of His love is that it is completely unmerited. There is nothing that can be done to earn this love, it exists before we ever came to be. He freely gives it away each day. How can one resist a love so deep, so pure, and so good. It is delightful. He is delightful.  Once you know His love, experience His love, enjoy His love, all other loves fail to compare. His love is simply irresistable!


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