Be the Gift

This is one of the statements that my heart clings to “be the gift.” In a world that is saturated with an attitude of what it can receive, there is something to be said about looking for what you can give. Being the gift isn’t just about giving things away, donating to charity, volunteering, or serving. Being the gift is about every day seeking to be a gift to every person that crosses our path. If the focus of the day is “how can I be a gift to someone else,” there is a limit to self-centeredness and negativity. The focus becomes on how to display the light and goodness of God to any person we encounter. The focus shifts outward instead of inward.

I truly believe that every day there are numerous people that we encounter that could benefit from a smile, a genuine “how are you”?, a word of encouragement, and often prayer. Our eyes must be peeled open to seize any opportunity to bless someone. The more my focus shifts to who does God want to bless through me, the more in tune I am with His heart. I think God is eagerly waiting for opportunities to bless the world, to show His love, and to display His Glory. I believe He is looking for active participants in His plan for humanity. I want to be a part of that plan.

So the questions I ask myself are 1. Are the lives of the people around me enhanced/better/more positive because I am in them. 2. Am I seizing every opportunity to show the world Jesus. 3. Is my heart focused upward (towards God) and then outward to my fellow-man. My heart longs for there to be a yes as the answer to these questions every day.

So in closing I say the greatest example of being a gift came in a man named Jesus. He was actively looking for people to bless, encourage, teach, love and disciple. He walked purposely to show the world the love and light of God. He seized many opportunities to be a blessing. Instead of focusing on Himself and what others could do for Him; He made the most of His years on Earth by serving, loving and showing us what real love looks like. My encouragement to us all is we don’t have to wait on someone else. We have the ability today to change the focus and begin on a journey of being a blessing. We can change the world-one person at a time, one day at a time, and with one act of kindness at time!


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