Just reminds me of the beauty of God

His love is simply irresistable. There is something so incredible about Him. His soft words are like a tender breeze whisping through the tunnel of my soul. He sweetly whispers continually “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  A love that began before I ever existed and will remain long after my life on earth has ended.  His love is like the vast expanse of the galaxies, it simply continues on beyond the eyes ability to see. His love is like the warmth of the sun, warming the heart the way no other love could. His love is like plunging to the deepest depths of the ocean, there is no physical way to swim all the way through it. 

He is love and He is light. He is over, below, and in between. His love touches the realms of the human heart that no person could ever see. His love wows the senses and takes the heart places it has never been and could never venture without Him. He stands in the past, the present and the future all at the same time. His love is not limited, it is extravagant. He is the ultimate Lover of the human heart. One moment with Him, makes all other moments seem obsolete in comparison. There is an electricity that occurs in the moment when the heart connects with the heart of the One who created it.  Complete acceptance and a divine sense of wholeness occur. He leaves no area of the heart empty. 

The beauty of His love is that it is completely unmerited. There is nothing that can be done to earn this love, it exists before we ever came to be. He freely gives it away each day. How can one resist a love so deep, so pure, and so good. It is delightful. He is delightful.  Once you know His love, experience His love, enjoy His love, all other loves fail to compare. His love is simply irresistable!


Be the Gift

This is one of the statements that my heart clings to “be the gift.” In a world that is saturated with an attitude of what it can receive, there is something to be said about looking for what you can give. Being the gift isn’t just about giving things away, donating to charity, volunteering, or serving. Being the gift is about every day seeking to be a gift to every person that crosses our path. If the focus of the day is “how can I be a gift to someone else,” there is a limit to self-centeredness and negativity. The focus becomes on how to display the light and goodness of God to any person we encounter. The focus shifts outward instead of inward.

I truly believe that every day there are numerous people that we encounter that could benefit from a smile, a genuine “how are you”?, a word of encouragement, and often prayer. Our eyes must be peeled open to seize any opportunity to bless someone. The more my focus shifts to who does God want to bless through me, the more in tune I am with His heart. I think God is eagerly waiting for opportunities to bless the world, to show His love, and to display His Glory. I believe He is looking for active participants in His plan for humanity. I want to be a part of that plan.

So the questions I ask myself are 1. Are the lives of the people around me enhanced/better/more positive because I am in them. 2. Am I seizing every opportunity to show the world Jesus. 3. Is my heart focused upward (towards God) and then outward to my fellow-man. My heart longs for there to be a yes as the answer to these questions every day.

So in closing I say the greatest example of being a gift came in a man named Jesus. He was actively looking for people to bless, encourage, teach, love and disciple. He walked purposely to show the world the love and light of God. He seized many opportunities to be a blessing. Instead of focusing on Himself and what others could do for Him; He made the most of His years on Earth by serving, loving and showing us what real love looks like. My encouragement to us all is we don’t have to wait on someone else. We have the ability today to change the focus and begin on a journey of being a blessing. We can change the world-one person at a time, one day at a time, and with one act of kindness at time!

Simply Me

There are so many things that I could be, but I would rather be the best me I can be. If given a choice between being someone else and being myself, then please let me choose to stay who I am. Do I want to be a better person? Absolutely. Do I want to be healthier, kinder, to learn more each day, of course I do. I have noticed as I have grown older, one of the biggest battles has been how to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you someone else.

For a woman it’s someone thinner, prettier, or who has the most things. But what about being happy with what you have and making the most of it. I am simply me. I barely reach 5 feet 6 inches (unless we count heels).  I am not rail thin, nor obese. I refuse to base my value on the external things. The woman I see in the mirror, I am stuck with her for life. I can spend all my time trying to change her looks or look  inside and ask God to beautify my heart.  To someone else I may be beautiful, pretty or just okay. None of that matters, for beauty is fleeting and fades with each passing day. At least if you rely on the world standards. I would rather have a heart that is kind, loving, and be known for being a caring human being. That constitutes real beauty to me. As far as possessions they will come and go. The goal of having them is hopefully to share them, as there are many people in this world who have much less. I am thankful for everything God has given and it may not be what anyone else has. He supplies all that I need and some of what I want. I know that what I have does not make me who I am or better or less than anyone else.

So in closing I am simply me. I dare not compare myself to anyone else. I have to believe that God was wise enough to make me the way He wanted me to be. I choose to believe Him when He says I am loved, accepted, cherished, set apart, beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). I mean He did create the Heavens and the Earth and there are some incredible breath-taking sights in the world, all hand painted and handcrafted by the One who called it all good. So I trust Him in what He says and accept who I am. I know He is walking me along a path to become the woman He called me to be.